Koyasan【※2020/9/18~11/30】 KS

Time table

  • To Kansai International Airport
  • From Kansai International Airport

Koyasan (Okunoin-mae) KS1 Pick up point Kansai Airport Terminal 1 KIX Drop off point Kansai Airport Terminal 2 KIX Drop off point
12:35 14:17 14:28
Kansai Airport Terminal 2 KIX Pick up point Kansai Airport Terminal 1 KIX Pick up point Daimon south parking lot. KS2 Drop off point Koyasan (Okunoin-mae) KS1 Drop off point
09:17 09:30 11:07 11:15

Service Period
2020/9/18 - 2020/11/30
Winter Season : Service will be suspended from December 1st.

Required time

Kansai Airport Terminal 1 Approx.⇔Koyasan (Okunoin-mae) Time 1hr 45min

Operating company

Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise


First-come, first-served (Reservable Only Online)
Please visit the website "WILLER TRAVEL" to make a reservation.
*Only credit cards are accepted when making reservations.


Adult Child
One-way Kansai Airport Terminal .⇔Koyasan (Okunoin-mae),Daimon south parking lot. 2,000Yen 1,000Yen
【Online Advance Purchase Rate】* 1,800Yen*Available only on the reservation site "WILLER TRAVEL" 900Yen

For locations of ticket window, please check the "Bus Stop Info" page.

Payment Method, etc.
Please see here for the boarding information including payment methods, etc.


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