General Questions

Does the bus get to the destination on time?

It could be delayed depending on the traffic conditions. So please make sure you have plenty of time.

Is there any compensation for delay of bus if I missed the fight?

Please note that we are not responsible for any trouble caused by the delay of the bus unless it was caused by our operation error.

I do not know which Kansai Airport terminal I should go to. Terminal 1 or 2?
The final destination of the bus that I am on is Terminal 1, but can I go to Terminal 2?

Please take free shuttle bus between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
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Where can I buy tickets?

Please see Bus Stop guide.

Can I buy tickets a day before?

Expiration date for one-way ticket and round-trip tickets is the day you purchased. So please buy tickets on the day you use. Also, you can purchase tickets in advance for the certain lines which requires reservation at convenience stores or bus company ticket window. Please see Time table/Fares for the details.

Can I use the round-trip tickets or other tickets for Osaka Station Line and Uehommachi Line because their prices are same?

No. Bus companies will be different depending on lines, so you cannot use those type of tickets for different lines.

Do you sell a book of coupon tickets?
Do you offer commuter pass?


Can a surfboard checked in?

Yes. As long as its longest dimension is no more than 2 m.

Can a bicycle checked in?

Only when it is in the certain bag, the size follows our guidelines and you agree with taking the responsibility of any damage caused by the bicycle.Please see here for baggage restrictions.

Can I check in my bag that contains a bottle of wine?

No. Please do not put any breakable items in the checked in baggage.

Can you transfer only my luggage?

No. We do not provide transportation service only for luggage. Please use delivery service.


Do I need a reservation for Airport bus?

You need a reservation for the certain lines.
Please see here for reservation required lines.


Is there toilet in Airport bus?

Full-size buses/all buses are lavatory-equipped. (Except Sky Shuttle Line.) However, in some cases, it is not available due to maintenance or other reasons. Besides, some buses of our joint operating company do not have lavatory.

For Passengers with disabilities

I have a physical disability certificate. Is my ticket fare reduced?

For Passengers traveling with Pets

Can I bring my pet with me?

Please see here.

Credit Cards

Can I use credit cards?

IC Card

Can I use IC card?

IC card is applicable to some Kansai Airport buses.


How old of child need to pay fare?

Lost Property

Where to contact when I lost my belongings?

Please contact to the bus company you used.
See here for the contact numbers.

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