Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Station ITM

Time table

  • To Kansai International Airport
  • From Kansai International Airport

Hotarugaike Sta. ITM2 Pick up point Osaka Airport ITM Pick up point Kansai Airport Terminal 1 KIX Drop off point Kansai Airport Terminal 2 KIX Drop off point
06:50 07:00 08:10 08:21
11:27 11:40 12:50 13:01
15:25 15:40 16:50 17:06
20:07 20:20 21:30
Kansai Airport Terminal 2 KIX Pick up point Kansai Airport Terminal 1 KIX Pick up point Osaka Airport South Terminal ITM Drop off point Osaka Airport North Terminal ITM Drop off point Hotarugaike Sta. ITM2 Drop off point
08:50 10:00 10:05 10:15
09:47 10:00 11:10 11:15 11:25
17:37 17:50 19:00 19:05 19:15
18:54 19:10 20:20 20:30 20:40

・Buses do not stop at bus stops with arrow sign, "→→" or "blank" written on the timetable.

・Osaka Airport has only one boarding point, which is the Bus Terminal no. 5, and it has two drop-off points, one is in the South Terminal and the other one is in the North Terminal.
・To customers who want to get on the bus while sitting on wheelchairs or those who need nursing. Operating in buses with ◆ mark.

Required time

Osaka Airport⇔Kansai Airport Terminal 1Approx. Time 1hr 10min - 1hr 15min
Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport Terminal 1Approx. Time 1hr 20min -1hr 25min
*Terminal 1⇒Terminal 2 Approx. Time 11min
Terminal 2⇒Terminal 1 Approx. Time 15min

Operating company

Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise
Hankyu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd.


No reservations required (first-come-first-served basis)


Adult Child
One-way Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport 2,200Yen 1,100Yen
Round-trip Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport 4,000Yen(Valid for 14 consecutive days from the date of first use) Unspecified
Transfer ticket Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport⇔Wakayama 2,600Yen(Valid for one day/Cash only) 1,300Yen(Valid for one day/Cash only)
Commuter pass Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport 57,600Yen(one month) Unspecified
Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Sta.⇔Kansai Airport 164,160Yen(3 months) Unspecified

For locations of ticket window, please check the "Bus Stop Info" page.
Please refer to the instructions for student/commuter pass.

Payment Method, etc.
Please see here for the boarding information including payment methods, etc.


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