Notification to the Passengers
  • The busses may arrive late due to the traffic conditions, so please make sure you have plenty of time.
  • We are not responsible for any damages caused by delays, and errors occur which are not due to our fault.
  • All passengers are required to fasten the seat belt by the law. Please follow the rule for your safety.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the bus. Bus stop area is also non-smoking.
To Purchase Tickets

Please purchase tickets before getting on the bus.
For locations of ticket window, please check the "Bus Stop Info" page.

[Ticket Validity]

One-way ticket Valid only for the date of purchase
Round-trip ticket Valid only for the date of purchase for departure
Valid for 14 days from the date of first use for returning ( For Kobe line, valid for 30 days)
One-day round-trip ticket Valid only for the date of purchase

*This shall not apply to coupons and tickets without expiration date.

[A Book of Coupon Tickets]

Available for Tokushima Line/Okayama Line.

Selling Route Ticket Windows
All 2 Lines Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 central, 1F
Kansai Tourist Information Center at Kansai Airport
Tokushima Line JR Tokushima Station Tokushima Bus Information Center
Tokushima Highway Bus Reservation Center
Tokushima Bus Naruto Office
Tokushima Bus Kamoshima Office
Toku Bus Tourism Service Information Office
Honshi Kaikyo Bus Higashiura Ticket Window
Highway Naruto Ticket Center
Okayama Line Okayama Station Nishiguchi (West) Bus Terminal Office

[Commuter Pass]

Available for Kobe Line/Osaka Airport Hotarugaike Line/Ibaraki Line.

Selling Route Ticket Windows
All 3 Lines Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, 1F
Airport bus stop B Ticket Window (12:00-21:00)
Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Line Osaka Airport Airport bus stop window (9:00-17:00)
Baggage Restriction

[Checked Baggage Allowance]

2 baggage /person (e.g. 2 suitcases), total weigh 30 kg or less, total volume 0.25m³ or less and not exceed 2 m in length *Please put your name tag with your phone number on luggage.

[Items should not be in included in Checked baggage]

Valuable items (cash/passport/securities/precious metals/jewelry/work of art) and fragile articles (watch/camera/PC/glass products/bottles) cannot be contained in checked baggage. We are not responsible in case of damage of these items.

[Items prohibited to carry]

Items that are banned by Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business Law (Explosive items/items which are easy to ignite etc.)


[Lines you need to make reservations]

Lines/Bus Stops To Kansai International Airport From Kansai Airport
Kyoto Line Reserved Seating First-come, first-served
Rokko Island(Kobe Line) Reserved First-come, first-served
Tokushima Line Reserved Seating Reserved
Takamatsu Line Reserved Seating Reserved
Okayama Line Reserved Seating Reserved
Himeji Line Reserved Reserved
Nara Line Reserved First-come, first-served
Gakken Toshi Line Reserved First-come, first-served
Yagi Line Reserved First-come, first-served
Hirakata Line Reserved First-come, first-served
Koyasan Line Reserved Reserved
  • You can get on the bus without reservations if there is a seat available on the day for all lines above. However, we strongly recommend our passengers to make reservations in advance as much as possible.
  • For the lines with free seating, we may serve a jump seat in some cases.
  • First-come, first-served basis will be applied to all the conditions, if not specified above. Please note that if the seats are full, you would have to take the next bus.
  • For reservations, please visit time table page of each lines.
For Passengers with Disabilities


The buses are not non-step type therefor, it is not possible for passengers to getting on and remain seated in wheelchair during the travel. If the wheelchair can be folded, we can store it in the luggage compartment. If you have an electric wheelchair, please contact us in advance with its size and weight information.
Inquiry:Airport Bus Center: 072-461-1374

[Courtesy Seats]

There are two courtesy seats (behind driver’s seat) available in each bus for passengers with disabilities or injury.

[Service Dogs]

Service dogs defined by “Assistance Dog Laws” are allowed to accompany in the passenger cabin for free of charge.

For Passengers traveling with Pets

Pets (dogs, cats and other small animals) are allowed to accompany their owner in the passenger cabin for free of charge only when they are in pet carrier. The carrier has to be on your knees or at your feet. However, we might have to decline when it could disturb other passengers with offensive odor and/or barking, etc.
Pets are not allowed to be stored in the luggage compartment.

Using Credit Cards

You are can pay with your credit cards at the locations listed below.
Please note that we cannot accept credit cards payment other than the locations in the list.

[Kansai International Airport (*Except Sky Shuttle Line)]

① Kansai International Airport Terminal 1

1F, Airport Bus Stop A Ticket Window 13:00-22:00
1F, Airport Bus Stop B Ticket Window 06:00-22:00
1F, Airport Bus Stop C Ticket Window All day
1F, Airport Bus Stop D Ticket Window 07:30-22:00

Acceptable Credit Cards

1 F, North Information Counter 07:30-22:30

Acceptable Credit Cards

*We do not accept cash at North Information Counter for tickets. Please use the ticket machines when you pay with cash.

② Kansai International Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 Airport Bus Stop Ticket Window(Domestic line) All day
Terminal 2 Information Counter(International Line Flight Arrival) 09:30-18:00(Except 14:00-15:00)

Acceptable Credit Cards

[Osaka (Itami) Airport]

Airport Bus Ticket Window 08:00-21:30

Acceptable Credit Cards

Acceptable Electronic Money

[Kyoto Line]

Kyoto Station Hachijo Ticket Window 07:10-17:40

Acceptable Credit Cards

[Tokushima Line]

Toku Bus Tourism Service Offices Please refer Toku Bus Tourism website for business hour.

Acceptable Credit Cards

[Takamatsu Line]

Takamatsu Station Highway Bus Terminal 07:00-19:00
Yume Town Takamatsu 07:00-19:00
Takamatsu Central Inter Bus Terminal 07:00-19:00

Acceptable Credit Cards

[Okayama Line]

Okayama Station Nishi-guchi Bus Terminal Ticket Window/Ryobi Bus Tourism Center Please refer Ryobi Bus website for business hour.

Acceptable Credit Cards

Using IC Cards

IC card is applicable to some Kansai Airport buses.
Osaka Sta./Nankai Namba Station(Midnight bus)/Chayamachi/Shin Umeda City/Shin-Osaka/Senri Newtown/Senrichuo,Osaka Airport/Hotarugaike Station,Amagasaki,Kobe Sannomiya/Rokko Island,Nishinomiya,Senboku NewTown/Kawachinagano,Nara,Kintetsu Gakuenmae/Gakken Toshi,Yamato Yagi,Sky Shuttle(Kansai Airport/Rinku Premium Outlets)

[Acceptable IC cards]

[How to Use Your IC Card]

Tap your IC card for a second on the card reader located on the bus.On all buses of Kansai Airport Transportation, the fare payment will be done by one quick tap when getting on the bus.No need to tap your card when getting off.
*For passengers who go to "Rokko Island" or "Senri New Town" by the bus departing from Kansai Airport, please let the driver know of your destination before tapping your card and wait until the fare is adjusted for you.


No discount is applied on "round trip", "certain fare amount, etc".Discount is applied only for passengers who fall under the category of above stated " For Passengers with Disabilities".Show your disability certificate booklet to the driver before tapping your IC card and wait until the fare is adjusted for you. (*Discount is not applied for PiTaPa Card.)

[Precautions for Using IC Cards]

・Slowly tap a card you use to the reader according to the driver's instruction.
・Receipt is not issued when using IC cards.
・If the remaining balance of your prepaid cards (ICOCA, SUICA, etc.) is not enough for the fare of your destination, you are not allowed to board. Please pay attention to the remaining balance of your card and charge it accordingly beforehand.


Fare Table

Category Ages Fare
Adults Ages 12 years old and older Fare for Adults
Children Ages 6 -11years old(6year old before attending to elementary school considered as an infant) Fare for Children
Infants Ages 1 – 5 year old One infant accompanied by “Adults” or “Children” will not be charged. However, for the 2nd infant, Infants Fare will be applied.*In the case of occupying a seat, we charge a fare even for infants. If the infant will get on the bus by him/herself, there is also a charge of fare.
Babies Age younger than 1year old Free
Manners on the Bus

[Use of Mobile Phone]

Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone.

[Courtesy Seats]

Please yield seats to elderly or disabled passengers. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Refunding Policy

[To refund regular tickets]

Unused tickets are refundable for its valid period. Please note that we cannot refund for ticket which has been expired even it is unused.

[To refund round-trip tickets]

If you request to refund only the return-ticket of a round-trip ticket, it will be calculated based on the formula below.
Refundable Amount = (Round-Trip Ticket Price)-(One-Way Ticket Price for adults)-(Refund Processing Fee)

[To refund on a Credit Cards Payment]

For a credit card payment, please note that we can process refund only at the ticket window where you purchased the tickets.

[To refund a book of coupon tickets]

To refund the book of coupon tickets, please visit the ticket window of each bus company.
To refund a book of coupon tickets, it will be calculated based on the formula below.

Refundable Amount = (The price of the book of coupon tickets)-(One-way ticket for adult price) * (the number of tickets already used)-(Refund Processing Fee)

For a book of coupon tickets which is deprecated

Refund amount = (Price of the book of tickets)/11(The number of coupon tickets in a book)*(The number of tickets left in a book)

*The refundable amount will be rounded off the total amount to the nearest 10 yen unit.

Refunding must be made at a place where you purchased.

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